Dr. Joseph Frey Augusta Georgia | A Board-Certified Psychologist

Joseph Frey Augusta GA

Certified as a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), Dr. Joseph Frey currently works through Partners in Achievement (PIA) Learning Centers, an organization that provides students of all ages with the intellectual tools they need to excel academically. As the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of PIA, Dr. Frey ensures the company's long-term success through effective management strategies and direct engagement with clients.

A skilled diagnostician and clinician, Dr. Joseph Frey has played a key role in improving the reading and comprehension skills of more than 1,500 young people. Many of PIA's earliest patients now claim distinction as accomplished high school graduates moving on to bright futures in college and beyond, a testament to Dr. Frey's clinical ability.

In conjunction with his responsibilities at PIA, Dr. Joseph Frey oversees a busy independent practice of psychology in Augusta, Georgia, that he established in 1989. Performing comprehensive evaluations of children, adolescents, and adults, Dr. Frey strongly emphasizes positive reinforcement in his approach to individualized therapy. In addition to the one-on-one sessions he facilitates, Dr. Joseph Frey assists families coping with a wide range of marital issues that levy a psychological burden on parents and children alike. Dr. Frey also specializes in court-ordered custody and visitation assessments and career development counseling. Attorneys who require professional consultation for cases involving sexual battery, physical abuse, or mental competency to stand trial often contact Dr. Joseph Frey to enlist his services as well.

A devoted husband and father, Dr. Joseph Frey maintains membership in Augusta's Lutheran Church of the Resurrection and the Evans Lions Club, an offshoot of Lions Clubs International, whose mission is to better the lives of vision-impaired individuals who cannot afford proper medical care. An amateur golfer who can often be found perfecting his swing at the West Lake Country Club, Dr. Frey also enjoys cooking the Cajun dishes he grew to love as a child.